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Fireworks and Light trails

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My first fireworks outing with my cousin Ruddy M and my close friend Osama outside of Mr. Hua Ho’s house at Kg. Manggis during the eve of chinese new year. Actualy that night we were having bbq at home celebrating the birthday of my youngest bro. At around 11.30 pm we decided to ‘check it out’ as my friend Osama would normally say. We decided to go to NBT to snap a few photos. So packed with our amateur gadgets we were set to go to Gadong. Unfortunately as we arrived at Gadong, the  light display at NBT has just finished. Luckily for us the fireworks display has just begun so we immediately zoom to Kg. Manggis.

Our own light display at home.

Mr Osama busy ordering his mercedes parts online.

Rushing to Kg. Manggis in my Ford Ranger. Haha.

my first light trail. cool.......

Tutong Carvinal 2009

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These pictures where taken at the tutong carnival sometimes in December 2009. I’ve been longing to post these pictures months ago in my facebook account but I keep on forgeting and forgeting. Since I already have my personal blog so its better just to post it here. Enjoy…….

41st Brunei ITF Junior Circuit Singles Title

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Yesterday, 14th of March 2010 marks the closing of the 41st Brunei ITF Junior Circuit. There were two matches played which was the boys singles final and the girls singles final. Unfortunately I was not able to cover yesterday’s event but I’ve managed to collect the results from the tournament’s assistant referee Abdul Rasheed Abdullah.

The boys singles final was between Kazuma Kawachi and Keisuke Watanuki both from Japan. Meanwhile in the girls singles final was a showdown between India’s Kanika Vaidya against Japan’s Kanika Vaidya. Both matches were played at the centre-court and court 2 respectively.

4th seeded Kawachi.

3rd seeded Watanuki.

8th seeded Naito.

4th seeded VAIDYA.

In the boys final Keisuke Watanuki won over Kazuma Kawachi with the score of 6-4, 6-1. Watanuki finally got his revenge over Kawachi when he was beaten in the boys doubles final the day before.

It was a different story in the girls singles final though. Hitomi Naito was the clear favourite as she has already collect the title in the girls double category. But India’s Kanika Vaidya spoiled her dream of winning the singles title by beating her  which looks like a one-sided match 6-1, 6-1. Maybe Naito is exhausted because of playing in the girls singles semi-final and in the girls doubles final a day before the final.

The prizes for the singles title was presented by the Deputy Director (II) of the Department of Youth and Sports, Hj Muhd Zamri Dato Paduka Hj Hamdani. Also present during the ceremony was Brunei Darussalam Tennis Association (BDTA) president Pg Kamaruddin Pg Hj Radin and other members of the association.

It was an exciting one week event of tennis. Congratulations to all members of the Brunei Darussalam Tennis Association (BDTA) for once again making the event a success and congratulations to all the winners. Hope to see you guys again in November for the 42nd Brunei ITF Junior Circuit.

Winners of the 41st Brunei ITF Junior Circuit 2010.

Boys singles title: WATANUKI, Keisuke of Japan.

Girls singles title: VAIDYA, Kanika ofIndia.

Boys doubles title: KAWACHI, Kazuma (JPN) / MORITANI, Soichiro (JPN).

Girls doubles title: NAITO, Hitomi (JPN) / OGATA, Haine (JPN).

41st Brunei ITF Junior Circuit Finals

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The boys and girls double final match was played yesterday afternoon. Its an all Japan final in the boys category where Kazuma Kawachi and Soichiro Moritani will play against Takashi Saito and Keisuke Watanuki. The match is schedule to be played at the centre-court at 3.00pm.

Meanwhile in the girls category, its NAITO Hitomi and OGATA Haine both from Japan against Voni Darlina of Indonesia and Tracy Dong of Canada. The match is also schedule at 3.00pm and will be played at court number 2.

Winners of the Boys Doubles Title.

The girls with the umpire, Ruel Minez Rubar from the Phillipines before their final match.

The joy of winning the girls double title.

After a tough 1st set, these girls seems to lose momentum in the 2nd set.

Prize presenting ceremony by John Chia, Treasurer of BDTA. Emcee and Assistant Tournament Director, Mohd Izannie. Abdul Rasheed, Assistant referee.

Pengiran Kamaruddin, President of BDTA was also present during the prize presentation.

Adelle Boey from Malaysia, Winner of the Girls Singles Consolation.

Winner of the Boys Singles Consolation, Michail Mykhaylov from Ukraine.

Haji Zuraimi, Secretary General of BDTA and Coach Phan, Brunei Darussalam National coach.

Results of Boys Double Final:

KAWACHI, Kazuma (JPN) / MORITANI, Soichiro (JPN) defeated SAITO, Takashi (JPN) / WATANUKI, Keisuke (JPN) 6-3 6-3.

Results of  Girls Double Final:

NAITO, Hitomi (JPN) / OGATA, Haine (JPN) defeated DARLINA, Voni (INA) / DONG, Tracy (CAN) 7-5 6-2.

*The boys singles and girls singles final will be featured in my next post.

41st Brunei ITF Junior Circuit Boys & Girls Singles Semi-Finals

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This morning I’ve managed to covered the boys semi-finals as wells as the girls semi-final matches. For the boys semi-finals its an all Japanese tie so we will know this years winner is gonna be from Japan. The fist boys semi-final match is between KAWACHI, Kazuma [4] against his doubles partner MORITANI, Soichiro [1]. Meanwhile the 2nd semi-final match is between WATANUKI, Keisuke [3] against NISHIOKA, Yoshihito [9].

For the girls semi-finals, the matches are: (1) OGATA, Haine [9] versus VAIDYA, Kanika [4], (2) NAITO, Hitomi [8] versus DONG, Tracy [7].

Mr Rasheed Abdullah checking the centre court before the match.

Briefing before the match.

The little green monster from Japan with his power serve.

Nishioka had to retire in the 2nd set due to his back injury.

Miss Kanika Vaidya being interviewed by the local press after her semi-final win.

2nd semi-final match of the girls single held at court 2.

A well-earned victory for Hitomi Naito as this game was played over 2 1/2 hours.

Miss Tracy Dong still managed to smile for a quick photo although she has loss her match. Better luck next time.

Results of Boys Singles Semi-Final:
(1) Kawachi defeated Moritani 6-4 6-2
(2) Watanuki defeated Nishioka 6-4 (R)

Results of Girls Single Semi-Final:
(1) Vaidya defeated Ogata 6-4 6-1
(2) Naito defeated Dong 6-3 4-6 6-3

Good luck for all four finalists for tomorrows final.